What we do?

Full Circle’s raison d’etre is to provide first class practical advice and support to individuals and businesses in the SME sector. Our diverse clients are based throughout the North West and further afield.

We provide what you, the client needs - the advice and support that you receive is specifically tailored to you, your business and what you want to achieve. We don’t promise the earth but we do offer “down to earth” advice and guidance. We will put time and energy into generating an excellent working partnership with you and we expect a similar positive return.

  • Fees

    Fees can be agreed that will meet the expectations of both you and us. We do expect clients to pay fees by standing order as this helps by improving everyone’s cash flow and keeps administration costs down. We will not just lower your current fees to get your business. We will discuss your requirements and offer you a flexible fee structure that will provide real value for money.

  • Employer protection

    Do you know your employer rights and responsibilities? Do you need help with your employee contracts? We work closely with the area’s independent leading experts in employment law who will provide not only specialist advice but also an employment protection package suited to your requirements.

  • Payroll

    Is "Real Time" causing you problems?

    You can save time and money by letting us run your payroll for you. Our payroll package includes:

    • No set up fee
    • Fixed monthly payment
    • Prices tailored to your business
    • Electronic filing
    • Automatic data and compliance checks
    • Detailed payroll reports emailed to you

    It’s ideal for small and medium sized businesses.

    We will create a solution to suit your business needs and budget.

  • Tax

    Paying the right amount of tax at the right time is important so that means getting and keeping your affairs in order, and that includes tax planning. You will be glad to know that tax planning does not always mean some grand strategy, it could be as simple as buying a piece of equipment at the right time.

  • Audit

    We provide statutory audit services through FCSC Audit Services Limited. We have many years’ experience of auditing a wide variety of companies over a range of business sectors. If you would like us to check if your company needs an audit or how an audit might benefit your business then call us today.

  • Charities

    Charities require special attention and expertise. Full Circle can help charities in many ways from preparing statutory accounts, providing “hands on” advice assisting trustees, staff and management operate the charity on both a day to day basis, to helping devise future strategy and structure. Jonny Miller, our charities specialist holds the ICAEW Charity Diploma, has experience of being a Charity Trustee and therefore has a real understanding of the issues faced by the Third Sector - from both sides of the fence.

  • Accounting software

    We can help you with the purchase and implementation of the right accounting software package for your business. If you have not computerised your accounts yet, think about it. A modest expense on both software and training could reap substantial rewards and not just financial.

    We will give you straightforward direct advice on which software will best suit you and your business and for the business that is relatively simple with few transactions, then we can provide Excel spread sheets which should meet your needs. 


  • Annual accounts

    We produce meaningful accounts which comply with current legislation and HMRC requirements. We will discuss your accounts with you and any key issues to ensure that we both understand what action is needed. Don’t forget, your accounts are only a milestone along the road to your goals, but they will indicate where you are on your chosen route.